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Stop Child Trafficking in Your Community: Become an ACT Advocate
This life-saving, innovative workshop and leadership opportunity is specifically developed for pediatric focused NPs to learn about child trafficking, methods of identification and referral and, most importantly, prevention. There are more people enslaved in labor and/or sex trafficking than at any point in history, meaning children of all socio-economic profiles are at risk with some populations more vulnerable than others. Alliance for Children in Trafficking (ACT) Advocates will receive a certificate of recognition as a trained expert who will then be able to deliver this unique content to healthcare professionals and lay people in your community.
    • 2.00 Contact hours
06/04/2019 to 01/31/2022 $40.00 $40.00
JPHC CE: Caring for the Digital Generation: Understanding Electronic Aggression
We live in a technology-saturated world, evidenced by widespread, global use of the Internet and other forms of technology. Technology offers nearly limitless connectivity, information-sharing, and communication. Unfortunately, with these opportunities come risks, especially for children, and pediatric healthcare providers have a responsibility to be aware and informed of these risks and how to respond. This article provides a breakdown of the broad phenomenon of electronic aggression and offers practice implications for healthcare providers. J PediatrHealth Care.(2020) Volume 35, Issue 1, p132−140
    • 1.00 Contact hours
12/17/2020 to 02/28/2022 $0.00 $10.00
Children’s Mental Health During the Pandemic: A Clinical Perspective
Our guest presenters will share an innovative primary care mental health initiative. If you have been following stories in NAPNAP Daily News, health journals or the media, you are aware of the increasing cases of child/teen suicides and mental health ER visits during the pandemic. We look forward to learning more about Dr. Martin's initiative to connect primary care with mental health services at this critical time.
    • 1.00 Contact hours
04/02/2021 to 03/31/2022 $0.00 $0.00
Preventing a Tragedy That Could Be a Heartbeat Away: Incorporating Cardiac Arrest Risk Assessment Protocol into Your Practice
1.5 NAPNAP Contact Hour Studies show cardiac consideration is an often overlooked area of assessment for youth and student athletes alike, with practitioners and parents largely unfamiliar with warning signs and risk factors that require follow up. Alarming, considering 1 in 300 youth has an undetected heart condition that puts them at risk, with more than half of youth stricken presenting with missed or misdiagnosed symptoms. As new guidelines recommend youth who’ve had COVID-19 exposure, symptoms or a diagnosis to get a comprehensive cardiac evaluation, now more than ever it’s critical to incorporate evidence-based diagnostic cardiac risk assessment protocol into your practice. This presentation will provide an in-depth discussion of how you can protect young hearts and equip youth to be their own heart health advocate.
    • 1.50 Contact hours
03/27/2021 to 04/30/2022 $15.00 $30.00
JPHC CE: Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis: Early Intervention and Referral
JPHC CE: 0.75 contact hour. Slipped capital femoral epiphysis is the most common hip pathology in children aged 8−15 years old. Research has shown that when a nonorthopedic provider evaluates this patient population, there can be a significant delay in the appropriate treatment, which may have serious consequences for the prognosis of the patient. The delays are often caused by the practitioner’s inability to put the clinical picture into focus with regard to how these patients typically present.. This article presents the demographics, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, radiological and physical examination techniques, and prevention strategies to recognize this condition and provide early intervention. J Pediatr Health Care. (2020) 35, 239−247.
    • 0.75 Contact hours
03/01/2021 to 04/30/2022 $0.00 $10.00
2021 Immunization Update – Focus on the Schedule
1.0 NAPNAP Contact Hour 1.0 Pharmacology Hour Keywords: Immunization, vaccine While sharing the latest CDC immunization information, Dr. Koslap-Petraco will share real life experiences and case studies to engage and challenge you to educate and vaccinate your patient families, especially those who question the need for vaccines.
    • 1.00 Contact hours
03/24/2021 to 04/30/2022 $0.00 $10.00
Preventing Immunization Associated Pain: Educational Presentation for Practitioners and Bedside Staff
This educational activity is sponsored by The Immunization Special Interest Group (IMM SIG). This module on preventing immunization associated pain is designed to help providers utilize and identify age appropriate pain prevention techniques and explain how these techniques work. After this module, providers will be able to teach patients and families about pain prevention during immunizations. All healthcare providers can utilize the information and skills taught in this module.
    • 0.50 Contact hours
03/22/2021 to 04/30/2022 $10.00 $20.00
3-PARRT: Child Trafficking 103
3-PARRT (Providers Assessing Risk and Responding to Trafficking) - This course is intended to educate and equip pediatric care providers on the prevention of child trafficking.
    • 1.00 Contact hours
    • 1.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
03/28/2019 to 05/12/2022 $10.00 $20.00
2021 Food Allergy Prevention Update: Introducing allergens into an infant’s diet
1.0 NAPNAP contact hour. A recent publication was released with new guidelines to early introduction of foods to prevent food allergies. Dr. Shroba, who previously presented on the Food Allergy Prevention course will update you on the most important facts of this new research. You will be able to asses infant’s levels of risk for development of a food allergy. You will also learn how to counsel parents on timing and available options and approaches for introduction of allergenic foods.
    • 1.00 Contact hours
04/06/2021 to 09/01/2022 $0.00 $10.00
Prescribing Considerations for Children with Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities

This course is part of a series of courses delivered in partnership with the Special Olympics on the topic of intellectual and developmental disability.

    • 1.00 Contact hours
11/02/2020 to 11/30/2022 $0.00 $0.00
Lower Extremity Deformities in the Developing Child: Physiologic or Pathologic?
0.75 NAPNAP Contact Hour Often times, parents present to pediatric care providers with concerns regarding the appearance of their children’s legs, feet, or gait. This presentation will lay the foundation of lower extremity examination through reviewing the normal patterns of development in children. Benign causes of physiologic lower extremity and gait variations will be differentiated from pathologic causes. Learners will be able to accurately evaluate lower extremity variations, provide education and reassurance regarding the natural history of normal physiologic development and recognize red flags for pathologic deformities that require emergency care and referrals.
    • 0.75 Contact hours
11/16/2020 to 11/30/2022 $7.50 $15.00
Transitioning Adolescents with Intellectual and Developmental Disability to Adult Care
This continuing education activity was developed for pediatric nurses and nurse practitioners who provide care to youth with special health care needs. The collaborators for this CE activity will address the important process of transitioning youth with intellectual and developmental disorders from a child-centered health care model to an adult-focused approach for meeting their continued special health needs.
    • 1.50 Contact hours
03/11/2021 to 12/31/2022 $0.00 $0.00
TICKS - A Little Bite Can Have Big Consequences!
Why should you be concerned about tick bites? While the bite is small, we should worry about tick bites as ticks are vectors for various diseases including: Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Lyme Disease, Powassan, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia, and others.
    • 1.00 Contact hours
04/01/2021 to 12/31/2022 $0.00 $0.00