We are bringing archived recordings of our most highly rated presentations from NAPNAP's 44th National Conference to you!

This archived presentations from our 2023 national conference are available as part of a bundle of 26 courses recorded during our 2023 conference. Purchase the conference bundle to be enrolled in the full library of 2023 conference sessions, and earn up to 29 CE contact hours, and more than 7 pharmacology hours.

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  • Nothing "Fun" about Functional GI Conditions- 2023Conf
  • The Right Drug for the Bug: Antibiotic Prescribing Update - 2023Conf
  • Adolescent Health: PCOS and the Importance of Early Detection, Diagnosis, Treatment and Interventions - 2023Conf
  • Seizure or not? A case-based approach to evaluating paroxysmal events in children -2023conf
  • We Are Not Okay: The Crisis of Confidence Facing the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Profession - 2023Conf
  • Learning to ESCAPE: Screening and Identification of Child Physical Abuse - 2023Conf
  • Managing the Acutely Aggressive Child - 2023Conf
  • Primary Care Clinical Roundup - 2023Conf
  • 2023 Immunization update - 2023Conf
  • Preventing and Treating Viral Infections in Children and Adolescents - 2023Conf
  • Pediatric Firearm Violence: Practice & Policy Must Intersect - 2023Conf
  • The Patient in Room 5: Am I Ready? - 2023Conf
  • Pediatric Fever: New Updates for an Old Symptom - 2023Conf
  • Intro to Health at Every Size (HAES)-Informed Well Care - 2023Conf
  • This One or That One: Pharmacology for the Complex Healthcare Patient - 2023Conf
  • Stranger Things - When it is NOT the Usual Food Allergy - 2023Conf
  • Orthopedics for Primary Care: When to Treat and When to Refer Stranger Things - 2023Conf
  • Not for the Faint of Heart! A Pediatric Cardiology Primer for Primary Care Nurse Practitioners - 2023Conf
  • Functional and Integrative Medicine for Pediatric Mental Health Disorders - 2023Conf
  • Kratom, Cannabis & Kids: Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction - 2023Conf
  • Pediatric Sepsis: Using Evidence to Save Lives - 2023Conf
  • Pregnancy Options Counseling with Adolescents: A Multidisciplinary Evidence-Based Approach - 2023Conf
  • Medically Indicated Infant Formula Supplementation: Educating and Supporting Mixed Feeding Families - 2023Conf
  • Tick Talk: Addressing Misconceptions in Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment - 2023Conf
  • Pick a Pill! Oral Contraceptive Pill Prescribing for Beginners - 2023Conf
  • Atopic Dermatitis: Treatment Strategies and a Patient Experience with Dupilumab Therapy - 2023Conf