January 2021 - National Birth Defects Prevention Month

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PedsCE courses

1. Elevated Bili! What Could it Be? Common Diseases of the Biliary Tree 

2. The importance of Preterm Birth History after the NICU 

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Did you know?

  • That there are 3,500 sudden unexpected deaths of children before age 1 annually?
  • Newborns like to face right: Only about 15% of newborns will prefer to turn their head to the left when lying on their back.  It seems to be related to a gene, like having dimples.  This bias lasts for a few months and it may help explain why more people are right-handed.
  • Adults have 206 bones. When babies are born, they have 300. Their bones fuse as they grow, resulting in fewer bones as adults
  • Every year an estimated 8 million children--6 percent of total births worldwide--are born with a serious birth defect of genetic or partially genetic origin. At least 3.3 million children less than 5 years of age die annually because of serious birth defects. Common birth defects include heart defects, cleft lip and cleft palate and spina bifida
  • Birth defects affect one in every 33 babies (about 3% of all babies) born in the United States each year.
  • Birth defects are the leading cause of infant deaths, accounting for 20% of all infant deaths.