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I don't like the new version. The old one was better. I now have to click on every course to find the fees or if it is free. The old catalog gave all of the information on fees, credits, basic content in one place by just scrolling. This site is now labor intensive that does not fir with my busy schedule.

Nancy Kashlak replied on

In addition to my previous comments, One must click on each course to find the expiration dates of the CE activity. In the old catalog, the credits, fees, expiration date were all available by scrolling through the list. It made it easy to determine which CE activity should be prioritized. It was also easier to note which activities were already completed especially if more than one activity had the same subject matter. This new catalog is poor. Also, whoever wrote the content paragraphs obviously does not have familiarity with American monetary symbols; the dollar sign ($) goes in front of the numerals (as in $10) not behind them as shown in your catalog.

Nancy Kashlak replied on

I agree with Nancy's comments above. I do not like the design and it appears some of the descriptions were not reviewed prior to posting. It is not easy to find the cost of the articles. It does not appear as a well designed professional site.  It gives the presentation that it was a rushed redesign. I feel the previous design worked well.

Denise Eldridge replied on

Please revert to the old version or add more filters, for example, one that allows to sort by price with 'free' included as one of the search filters.  Thank you.

Tracy Dean-McElhinny replied on